Guardians of Wisdom: Protecting Grandmas Everywhere from Scams with Scamming the Scammers

In the digital realm where scams lurk around every corner, one unlikely hero emerges, donning aviator sunglasses and the guise of a sweet elderly woman named Edna. Meet Kitboga, the mastermind behind the antics, a former computer software engineer turned Twitch sensation with over a million followers combined across Twitch and YouTube.

With a voice as gentle as a summer breeze, Edna, Kitboga's alter ego, dials up scammers with the promise of Taylor Swift concert tickets and dreams of lunar real estate. Little do they know they're in for a wild ride as Edna's meandering conversations and outlandish inquiries test the limits of their patience.

But it's not all fun and games. Beneath the surface of laughter lies a deeper purpose. As internet scams continue to proliferate, leaving a trail of financial ruin in their wake, Kitboga and his fellow scam baiters see themselves as digital vigilantes, out to disrupt the scammers' nefarious operations one call at a time.

In a world where law enforcement resources are stretched thin and victims are left with little recourse, these modern-day Robin Hoods aim to do more than just entertain—they aim to protect. For every moment a scammer spends tangled in Kitboga's web of deception, there's a potential victim spared from the heartache of financial loss.

So, as the battle against online fraud rages on, Kitboga stands as a beacon of hope, armed with quick wit, a knack for improvisation, and a determination to turn the tables on those who seek to exploit the unsuspecting.

In the vast digital landscape where predators prowl, Kitboga emerges as a modern-day guardian, wielding wit and wisdom against the scourge of scammers. With a following surpassing 1.2 million on Twitch, a number he's doubled on YouTube, Kitboga shines a light on the dark underworld of cybercrime, one hilarious yet enlightening stream at a time.

From the absurd to the audacious, Kitboga unveils the lengths scammers will traverse to swindle the unsuspecting. Each episode of his stream serves as a masterclass in scam awareness, dissecting the latest schemes with the precision of a surgeon and the humor of a seasoned entertainer. Whether it's unraveling the intricacies of tech support fraud or exposing the deceit behind pig butchering scams, Kitboga leaves no stone unturned in his mission to educate and entertain.

But beyond the laughs and antics lies a deeper purpose—a mission to protect the vulnerable from falling prey to the wiles of cybercriminals. Inspired by the plight of his own grandparents, Kitboga embarked on his journey as a scam baiter in 2017, driven by a desire to shield others from the same fate.

With the persona of Edna, a character modeled after his grandmother, Kitboga found a way to turn the tables on the scammers, wasting their time and resources with each cleverly crafted conversation. What began as a personal crusade soon evolved into a movement, as Kitboga's friends encouraged him to share his exploits with the world through Twitch streams.

Since then, Kitboga has become a beacon of hope for countless victims, helping them break free from the clutches of fraudsters and disrupting large-scale scam operations in the process. And with each message from a viewer expressing gratitude for his work, Kitboga finds validation in his mission—a mission fueled not only by laughter but by a genuine desire to make the digital world a safer place for all.

In the digital cat-and-mouse game between scammers and vigilantes, Kitboga stands as a beacon of strategy and caution. On his best days, he not only outwits the scammers but also gathers crucial intelligence to aid law enforcement in their ongoing battle against cybercrime.

Playing the part of the unsuspecting victim, Kitboga skillfully extracts bank account details, cryptocurrency wallet addresses, and other identifying information from the scammers' clutches. Armed with this valuable data, he diligently reports to banking authorities, files complaints with the FBI, and communicates directly with law enforcement agencies.

Yet, the extent of official collaboration remains shrouded in secrecy. While Kitboga operates on the front lines of scam baiting, neither the FBI nor the Secret Service confirm any direct involvement with him or his fellow streamers. Instead, they urge victims to report online scams promptly through official channels like, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, which serves as a vital resource for building cases against cybercriminals.

However, the tactics and ethics of scam baiting remain a contentious topic within the community. Some, like Pierogi, adopt a more vigilante approach, while others, like Thomas Dorsher, have faced legal repercussions for their methods. Kitboga, known for his cautious stance, treads carefully along the fine line between justice and legality, refraining from actions that could cross ethical or legal boundaries.

Despite the allure of the chase, seasoned fraud investigator Jerri Williams issues a word of caution to scam baiters, emphasizing the inherent risks involved. With the anonymity of the internet masking the true identities of both scammers and baiters, there's always a looming threat of retaliation or exposure.

In the complex web of online deception, where motives blur and dangers lurk at every turn, Kitboga remains a steadfast defender of the vulnerable, navigating the murky waters of cybercrime with diligence, integrity, and a keen awareness of the stakes involved.

In the intricate dance between entertainment and education, Kitboga's antics serve as a powerful tool for raising awareness about online scams. While some critics question the morality of engaging with criminals for amusement, others see Kit's content as a Trojan Horse delivering vital information that arms viewers against digital predators.

For Dylon Cai, stumbling upon Kitboga's channel was a turning point in his understanding of cyber threats. A victim of a tech support scam in his past, he recognizes the value of the knowledge shared by Kit, wishing such resources had been available to him sooner to prevent his own ordeal.

Similarly, Cindy, navigating the aftermath of her late parents' estate while fending off relentless scammers, found solace and empowerment in Kitboga's streams. Despite initially seeking solutions, she found herself drawn to the entertainment aspect, finding catharsis in watching scammers receive their just desserts.

Now a dedicated volunteer in Kit's mission, Cindy not only promotes his content but also serves as a beacon of knowledge within her own circle. Empowered by her newfound expertise, she guides her husband through the maze of online threats, shielding him from potential scams and imparting a sense of security.

Meanwhile, Kitboga himself has evolved his approach, employing innovative tactics like AI-driven honeypots and anti-scam software to outsmart scammers even in his sleep. Motivated by the desire to protect others from the devastation of scams, he channels his experiences, including those of his own grandmother, into proactive measures aimed at prevention.

In a world where digital dangers lurk around every corner, Kitboga's blend of entertainment and enlightenment offers a beacon of hope, empowering viewers to navigate the treacherous waters of the internet with wisdom and resilience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online scams, Kitboga emerges not just as a prankster, but as a digital guardian, wielding humor and innovation in the fight against cybercrime. His streams serve as a gateway to knowledge, empowering viewers like Dylon and Cindy to arm themselves against the snares of scammers. Through a blend of entertainment and education, Kitboga inspires a community of vigilant netizens, united in their quest to outsmart, outwit, and ultimately outmaneuver those who seek to exploit the unsuspecting. As he continues to innovate and adapt, Kitboga stands as a symbol of resilience and resourcefulness, proving that with wit and determination, even the most formidable adversaries can be thwarted in the digital realm.